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    Casa Vittorio

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    Casa Vittorio

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    Casa Vittorio

Welcome to Lipari

Casa Vittorio in Lipari

Our building is located in a strategic position between the Main Street and Garibaldi Street, in the silence of the historical center alleys among the widest and sunniest ways and surrounded by the greenery. We are just a few steps away from the small harbour Marina Corta

A short walk from the center of Lipari

Heart and headquarter of the island’s ancient seamanship. Nowadays it is used as well for embarkation and disembarkation purposes by the boats for the other islands and to discover the inlets of the island with the fishermen’s wooden gozzi. The square is also the location of many restaurants and bars where it is possible to taste our islands’ culinary delights

Sleeping in Lipari


We dispose of welcoming full-comfort cheap rooms; free Wi-Fi in the whole structure, led and satellite TV, fridge, balcony (some of them really wide) or some with private terrace, bathroom, kitchenette, air conditioning. We dispose of a common terrace to take a drink

Services included in booking

  • TV LED
  • Satellite TV
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Kitchenette
  • Breakfast (only for those who book with us)
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-fi

Additional services: shuttle from the structure to the port and vice versa, transfer to and from the main Sicilian airports, partner car parks in Milazzo.

The best offer is always from direct contact, contact us by telephone or email,
we would be delighted your between our better guest.
A special price for group (min. 10 people -2 night)..
For youngest students a special price weekly , in June - July and September.

  • Video tour

    Healthy lands, known and exploited since the ancient age, the Aeolian islands are suitable for a journey dedicated to healthiness. You will discover, though, that even if they are daughters of the same demiurge, the seven sisters are not similar to each other: bucolic some, worldly others.


Located in the ancient 1500’s Spanish bastion (populations had inhabited it since Neolithic age, though), The archaeological museum “Bernabò Brea”, on the Lipari’s castle hill, “ a Citàde” in the local dialect - there rise as well the cathedral and a Norman cloister - In the museum is enshrined the several thousand years’ history of this small but important archipelago. Situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the very entry of the way to the orient (the Strait of Messina), many took the field to try to control it, although this is but a part of the history told by the finds in the building.
Made up of six different sections, the museum, along with the several archaeological parks in the Island, goes back over the Aeolian history as far as the Neolithic age.


Volcanic and wild, those islands present in their territory a number of paths more or less known and more or less accessible. Escape route from the worldliness and self-rediscover in the offered nature, a nature which is volcanic like the “mountains” through which they wind their way. Mule tracks, roman roads, more or less steep slopes, wherever you are the lapilli which shaped them, now recovers them. The mountains faces show the pyroclastic succession and the hot water springs together with the fumaroles recall that the ancient fire is not extinct but lays dormiant on the bottom of the sea. Have a walk on the crater of Vulcano: the view will take your breath and the sulfur will fulfill your lungs, Take a moment for a walk in Valle Roja, a canyon-valley carved in the soft tuff by the rain; let you amaze by the woods of M.te Fossa delle Felci, in Salina and those of S. Angelo in Lipari; give a look at M.te Pilato’s pomice or Forgia Vecchia’s obsidian: you won’t find a purer obsidian!

Casa Vittorio, Lipari, Aeolian Islands

Rent rooms and Bed & Breakfast, for your stay in Lipari, a short walk from the center


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